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Marakissa Rivercamp

Marakissa Highway

Kombo Central District - The Gambia

+220 9905852 / +220 7779487

The Gambia provides a first class destination for any birdwatcher. It has the advantage of being only a short flight away (about 5½ hours) and it has a very large bird list with over 550 species recorded. It is situated close to the northern limit of the tropical rain front.

Marakissa Rivercamp endemic species the many European migrants that either pass through The Gambia or spend the winter there, and one can see why the bird list is so large. Because of the proximity of the rain forest to the south and the desert to the north, there is always the chance of spotting

something unusual that has overshot on migration, or on a food-finding tour.

Whether you visit us on your own or by an organized tour with a tourguide, we have many opportunities to show you the best of our park. You may watch birds from the spotwall and make the most beautiful pictures or you can take a boatride by kayak and step into your private African fauna far from habitat world.

The climate is very pleasant, although it can be perhaps a little hot inland in the period just before and just after the annual summer rains. However, for many, the big attraction about birding in The Gambia is the attitude of the local population that is friendly, and, for the most part, very helpful.