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The Marakissa Rivercamp is situated in south Gambia, close to the Senegal border, on the bank of a small river. It is surrounded by riverside, bush and swamp areas. 

This biodiversity hosts many species of birds; the camp is known as one of the best sites for bird spotting in the Gambia. 



At the Marakissa Rivercamp you can spend the night in romantic roundhouses. All rooms have two beds and their own toilet and shower facilities. The rooms are lit by candles.



Outside there are oil  lamps. There is a generator for incidental charging of batteries.

The camp has an intimate restaurant for meals and cool drinks. Adama Hermse is a very good cook! 

From the restaurant terrace you have a nice river view from where you can also enjoy beautiful sunsets.t


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The camp is about one hour's drive from the hotel area by taxi. The road passes through Brikama and Marakissa village. Just outside the village you see the Marakissa Rivercamp sign. You can also take a bushtaxi - an unusual and pleasant experience.



The camp grounds are laid out to host birds. There are drinking spots for all kinds of birds, some of them with fish so that you can see many species of kingfishers at close range. 

If you like nature, culture and tranquillity Marakissa Rivercamp is ideally suited to spend a couple of nights. Hospitability comes first in this place, far from the madding crowd. 



Information :(00220) 9905852-7779487 (fastest way due to limited internet access)

e mail :marakissa@planet.nl





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                                              MARAKISSA RIVERCAMP                                    THE GAMBIA       WEST AFRICA
from a camp canoe you can see the birds closely, especially early mornings and afternoons. Beautiful opportunies for photography.

Adama Hermse 

welcomes you at the hospitable Marakissa Rivercamp

If you want to taste the culture and meet the friendly people of Marakissa you can go for a walk in the surroundings. 

You walk on paths through rice fields and small garden plots for vegetables and fruit. 

The views range from bush, open field and river landscape. The surroundings offer more than birds: a true taste of the real Africa. 

There are (shy) crocodiles and lizards close to the camp. 

You can go for a walk with anyone from the camp if you like, but you are quite welcome to go exploring on your own. At the camp you can ask for any information you need. 

for photographs of the Marakissa

Rivercamp and surroundings

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